Bonuses Summary

Online casinos are keen to ensure that they attract and keep you onboard once you register as a client. There is no better of doing this than through providing the customers with bonuses and promotions. If you love gaming, you are probably aware that at times, losing your hard earned cash is a common occurrence. This is what bonuses actually aim to cushion against. They enable you to come to terms with the workings of the casino. For more about bonuses, check out this link ( )

Which are the different types of bonuses?

You might have come across betting sites and casinos claiming to provide bonuses but they barely explained what they actually entailed. The truth is that some betting sites are actually out to confuse their customers by using names and terms that are not quite elaborate. In that regard, it is imperative that players understand the underlying terms and types of bonuses before enrolling to the bonus offers. Some of the different types of bonuses include the ones listed below:

  1. Deposit Bonus
  2. No Deposit Bonus
  3. VIP Bonus
  4. Reload Bonus
  5. Referral Bonus

The deposit and no deposit bonus are part of what is commonly referred to as a welcome bonus. This means that they are reserved for new clients who register on the sites. Unfortunately, many never withdraw their earnings from the deposit bonus offer primarily because they are in a rush to understand the terms and conditions of offer. All come with wagering terms that are sometimes tied to the deposit amount. Imagine being unable to withdrawal earnings from your deposit because you never read the terms.

Wagering Requirements

Withdrawing the bonus straightaway after it has been credited to your account is impossible in almost all casinos. You first need to wager the funds for a specific number of times as specified by the casino. This sounds like you will not get away with a thing from the casino, right? Well, this is what actually wagering means. Noteworthy is that the wagering terms are always varied for each kind of game. The following are some of the causes that may prevent you from withdrawing a bonus:

  • Failing to meet the wagering terms
  • Having the wagering period lapse before you have wagered the funds
  • Breaching the bonus terms and conditions

Are you wondering what are some of the bonus terms breaching that may lead to its revocation? There are many of this. Nonetheless, the most common is gnoming. This is the act of opening multiple accounts from the same provider so as to reap from the bonuses offered. It's synonymous with bonus hunters who are in no way interested with enjoying the bonus. Instead, they are bent on stealing from the providers. Sounds fraudulent right? That's exactly what it is and the penalty is losing the account.